Cruising for 7.5 acres in the mountains

Interesting day today!

Woke up before my alarm, and practically had to bodily eject my sweetheart from bed (no, not really) to get him up in time to come with me to my first shift. After Dee drove us, we took him home and absconded with his car (he would be busy for second shift) and went out to eat ALL the breakfast, and take a relaxing drive in the mountains.

Found a really pretty piece of property for sale for retarded cheap in an area we’ve been looking in for a while, so we began the process of getting the info we needed about that. Seven and a half acres, fifteen minutes from civilization, well all dug and finished, electric already run to the site… pretty freaking cool.

But we kind of forgot all about it when we got home, because I got a call from my mother (three, actually, she was really excited). Mom and dad are having their 35th wedding anniversary soon, and they’ve bought Gene and I and my brother all tickets for Christmas to go on a 9 day cruise with them on January 26th. Two weekends, and the week in between. St. Croix, San Juan, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and then back to Baltimore.

I’m going to have so many new clothes to buy!


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November 21, 2012 · 3:15 am

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