Sunday’s Musing

What to pack for a cruise. They’re rather specific, aren’t they?

Mom called me up today to tell me they were decorating the tree today and I should come over to help. Unfortunately, I schedule my days more than zero days in advance. negative 1/2 actually, since she called me at around noon. I told her I’d be free after 10 pm. She wasn’t best pleased, but didn’t give me too hard a time. Just rung off.

Thanksgiving was lovely. I posted so many pictures to my Facebook wall. Peaches (mom’s teacup chihuahua) was adorably cute, as always. She’s so cuddly and quiet! The least obnoxious chihuahua I’ve ever met.

Dad picked my sweetheart and I up around 9am, and brought us over to the house. I’d called mom at 7:45 to have the turkey taken out of the fridge to start warming to room temp.  Since mom has recently had spinal surgery (by recently I mean less than six months ago) she’s not allowed to lift heavy things. So I told her I’d be cooking the turkey (and I stole away the mashed potatoes too, while she was busy elsewhere). High heat method, started upside-down, and turned over halfway through the two hour cooking process. French egg glaze, applied with a heat-proof brush. It was brown and crispy and Lovely.

Mom does not do turkey well. We all joke that her dry turkey is why her gravy is so amazing. So each to her own, and the gravy was indeed awesome, and she had to sate herself with cooking the FIVE or SIX other dishes on the table.

Since both my brother and my dad are recovering alcoholics, there was no wine this year. So mom asked me to make a version of Amanda soda I recently discovered. Hand squeezed clementine juice, Ocean Spray cranberry juice, sparkling water. (No caffeine in this one) over crushed ice in a crystal carafe. It looked Lovely. Nice palate cleanser too, between mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, etc. etc.

Dad went and picked up Aunt Bobbi (my great aunt, one of the ladies who helped raise my mother) from the nursing home, and she sat down with us and ate a plate of (carefully pre-cut-up) dinner. We ate at around 2:00, because we never remember to eat breakfast or lunch when we’re cooking, and we’re always ravenous in the early afternoon. So we just started having Thanksgiving dinner as a late lunch. Maybe next year I’ll put the turkey in earlier and we’ll eat at noon : ) But then I won’t be able to sleep in on Thanksgiving, a crying shame.

We always bugger off after dinner is over and we’ve offered to do the dishes (and been turned down by mom). Haven always has an emergency, or we’re going to see a movie with friends, or whatever.

There is only so much family time we can stand, and it’s MUCH nicer to leave them wanting to chat more than to stay until there’s friction or an argument.

Poor Chris. My little brother is living at mom and dad’s at the moment. Lost his wife (he broke it off with her, the stupid-dummyhead) his girlfriend kicked him out (that was a smart move on her part) and he had nowhere to go. So he’s living in the spare bedroom, and letting mom badger him about how he should wear khakis on the cruise ship, because black slacks are “too hot for the Caribbean”. I’ve always wondered how he manages to sleep fourteen hours a day, but perhaps he’s just hiding in his bedroom, posting to Facebook, so he doesn’t have to come out and be social.

I have found some forgotten dishes that need washing, or perhaps to die by fire. So this is me, signing off.



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November 25, 2012 · 9:59 pm

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