Sara and Fighting Musings

I got a call this morning, and my friend SaraBear is having a really hard time right now. She’s feeling beaten down by life, feeling like a bad person, and generally feeling like someone feels when they’re being beaten with big emotional sticks. I know she feels like she deserves it, and that is the absolutely worst part. No-one can hurt you without your permission, and she has given every single possible permission to be torn down to her base components. When I talked to her she sounded like a little girl. Young and fragile and innocent and hurt. It hurt my heart. 


Not being able to do anything about it, I am just doing duty as a shoulder to cry on, and a stalwart companion, ready to jump in and act if ever a moment came when there was ANYTHING I could actually DO, which there isn’t. I feel like a superhero who puts on his cape and then sits on the bed waiting for the call. 


Must distract myself! So on a Totally unrelated note- I was hoping to schedule a shop day with my knight on Wednesday to get that helmet strapped and ready for Friday, so I can actually Fight this Friday. My schedule got fershnikered, though, as my second shift ends at 2:00, instead of the usual 4. This could actually be a good thing, as it means I’m available after 2 and all evening, if he wasn’t so busy in the afternoon and evening. But he is (busy), and it looks like my helmet will have to wait until Friday to be finished. I hope we can get it done fast. I don’t want to wait another week to fight. I could really go for hitting someone right now. Maybe mister rubber-face in the backyard will have to do. 




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December 9, 2012 · 5:39 pm

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