Monday, December 17

Hard day today, I did my best to set it up to be relaxing and fun- bought snacks and drinks at the grocery store, went for a walk with my hubby to fetch SoCo to mix in with the eggnog. Christmas decorations, candles, egg nog, shrimp cocktail, chips and dip, candy and cookies…  But my sweetheart still has trust issues, my fault, and totally understandable. So he has been stressed on and off lately, which makes me feel stressed too. We did our best to relax today, but it was hard.

I read an amazing article someone posted on Facebook:

I thought it was going to be depressing or disturbing, but I actually found it to be inspiring. Which was great.

When I left for my second shift today, I was depressed and tired. A rainstorm was coming in, and it was pushing me to fall asleep. Standing in the cool grey fog in my bright yellow rain slicker did nothing to wake me up. I fell asleep on the drive home, and when I came home, laid down on the couch and curled up with a blanket. After I read that article, around seven o’clock perhaps, I felt new life flow into me. After the show ended that my hubby and I were watching, I put on my running clothes and a warm sweatshirt, grabbed my tactical flashlight and ran out into the dark and the fog. A light mist was coming down, and my new shoes made my steps surer, even in the dark and the wet I didn’t turn an ankle. I realized as I was halfway around the track that I hadn’t had to stop running and walk to catch my breath. I was doing it! I was getting better! A smile as big as I’ve ever had split my face as I ran in fog and mist so thick I could barely see the grass on the edge of the path. I slowed down in places, but didn’t stop to walk once. I ran and ran until I got home, and started walking laps in my parking lot to cool off. I’ve never done that before! It felt so good!

When I got home, I was in a Much better mood, as I always am after I run. Cheeks pink from the cold I went downstairs, put up my bar and did my pull-ups, then took a shower to rinse the sweat off. The rest of the night has been much nicer. I feel so relaxed, and good about myself… Much better.

There’s a reason my knight told me to run.  


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