Good morning!

My favorite greeting is good morning. It’s cheery, pleasant, wishes the listener well, and sounds at the same time classical and down to earth. Everyone wants to have a good morning, and wishing that someone will is only taken amiss by misanthropes and people who REALLY hate mornings (which is the same thing 😉

I wish I could use it all day!

But of course, “good afternoon” sounds stilted, and “good evening” makes me sound like Lurch from The Adams Family. So “good morning” it will have to be for you, too bad.

I like to be up before anybody else in the morning. My mother was always the first one up in the house, and waking up to her clattering pots in the kitchen, making breakfast, was always so pleasant. I can see why she liked being the first one up. It’s so still in the mornings. Just me and the trees awake at that hour. I can make my coffee, or my tea, or whatever I please, and bask in the quiet.

There’s only one problem with being an early riser, and it’s in my head. I’ve been an early riser since I was BORN. And as soon as I was old enough to understand, my mother started teaching me (with prejudice) that it was NOT ok to wake up early and make noise, waking the other members of the household.
So I have a pathological need to creep about like a mouse in the morning- no clattering pots and dishes making breakfast, no microwave beeping, for heaven’s SAKE don’t turn on the coffee-maker-of-death with it’s ear splitting beeping when it’s finished making coffee.

So it’s a problem. How can I make someone breakfast in bed, for instance, when I don’t feel comfortable getting a pan out of the cabinet, because it clanks? How do I serve it to them in any case, without waking them up? Psychic breakfast notifications??

So I’ve taken to reading and writing in the morning, and making tea with a whistling tea pot with the whistle taken off. Water doesn’t boil that loud. Books are quiet. Especially when you close the bedroom door and creep about in your stocking feet like I do. Breakfast is tough, but yogurt doesn’t require cooking. So that’s what I do. Get up early, eat yogurt, maybe make tea, and read a book, or write in my journal. Sometimes if I feel spunky I take my laptop upstairs and read my web-comics, check my email. (I rarely want to check my email in my relaxing time these days. Work has been too crazy, and I don’t want to know what’s exploded during the night, at least until I’ve had my coffee.)

Getting dressed is a problem. I generally creep into the bedroom and fish about in the dark for my clothes, then take them out into the next room to see what I’ve put my hands on. Usually it matches. Sometimes I’m REALLY glad I didn’t dress in the dark : )

Someday, perhaps, I’ll get over this, and start making hot breakfast, clattering pots and pans and creating delicious smells in the kitchen in the morning, just like my mother did.
But until then. Yay, yogurt!



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