Half frozen

It’s sleeting now. There’s a layer of snow down, so standing on snow that’s been partially melted by freezing rain, and being sleeted on is an exciting proposition, even in the best conditions (that is-my own backyard on a very flat surface.)

When I got back inside from my pell work, I went to take a shower and get out of my wet sweatshirt, and realized I’d better shovel the walk first before I get all clean and dry and wrapped up in fuzzy pyjamas So I went out with the little shovel (it’s a little walk) and after I’d finished scraping the frozen sludge off, I realized I am in possession of Dee’s car today, and have to return it tomorrow. If I leave 3-6 inches of snow all over it’s surface, and the sky adds a layer of ice, I’m not going to be happy when I try to get in the car tomorrow.

So I go back in the house, get the keys, and the plan is to walk out to the street where the car is parked, shovel the snow off the surface, put the wipers up, and walk back. Simple.

First, it turns out the drains in the parking lot have clogged with snow and slush and ice. The half of the lot closest to my house is ankle deep black water, covered with snow in some places, ice slush in others. I can’t see it, so I step off the curb in my running shoes. My feet go numb instantly. A smart person would’ve turned their ass around and marched back inside. But at this point, I’m thinking “C’mon, It’s just to the street. I can practically See the car from here.” so I break into a jog, to try to get my feet out of the freezing water quicker. I get to the far side of the lot, where the water is only an inch or two deep. I get to choose whether to run on the impacted snow/slush, or in the black tire tracks filled with water. I pick the tracks. At least I won’t turn an ankle, right?

So I get to the car, crossing a virgin white untouched patch of snow-covered grass, which unfortunately, hides a ditch with running black water in it. My feet are already numb. What do I care. So I start scraping the snow off the car in big plastic shovels-full. Working as quick as I can, my hands are still burning with the cold by the time I’m finished, and starting to go numb and stiff. I have to put the keys in my pocket on the jog back, because I’m afraid I’ll drop them in the water, because I can’t feel them anymore.

I can’t really “jog” back, it’s more sort of stumping, because my feet are stiff now, and I have to put them down by sight. Evidently they weren’t Totally numb, either, because being fully submerged again on the way back burned like fire.

Not being a Complete lame-brain, I leave my sodden shoes at the door, and quickly strip out of my cold wet clothes and step into a lukewarm shower. The shower was kind of interesting. My extremities registered the water as burning hot. My core registered the water at a more reasonable temperature, and although my hands felt the water as hot, when they touched my skin, they felt freezing cold. I stayed in the lukewarm shower until my hands and feet felt the water like every other bit of me, and I started to feel cold, standing in lukewarm water. Then I turned the water to hot and stood there a bit longer.

I am Very clean.

Also, my pell work is done, my walk is shoveled, and Dee’s car won’t be covered with a snow/ice sandwich in the morning. It is now time for red wine, PJ’s, Netflix, my laptop, and a warm fuzzy blanket.


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