Cruise January 2013 – Day 2 – Formal Night


Day 2 – January 27

We spent a good bit of time reading and relaxing today.  Although sometimes folks gather in great numbers in the public spaces of the ship, which makes me feel a little nervous and overwhelmed, in the bar at the very top of the ship (called the Viking Lounge), there’s just NOBODY during the day. So we found this pretty little hideout surrounded by huge windows made of one-way mirrored glass which look over the pool deck and the water. We really enjoyed being able to watch the people without having to hear them (or be in the middle of them!)

In the middle of the ship- the Centrum, they had two ballroom dance classes, one in the late morning, and one in the afternoon. We took the first one (I’d brought two special black ballroom dance dresses and of course my new character shoes) and in a class of middle aged and older students, we looked like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. The instructors Loved us, and I’m a quick study, so pretty soon folks were following us around the dance floor so they could watch our feet : )

On a normal cruise, for dinner, you’re assigned to sit at the same table each night, and the tables hold various numbers of people, but usually around six. Which means, if you go on a cruise with just your sweetheart, you’re assigned a dinner table with four perfect strangers, and you get whoever you get. If they’re annoying, too bad for you! We were lucky enough to be traveling in a group of six, and mom arranged it so we were assigned a six person table in the corner of the dining room, so we all got together almost every night at 8:30, and got a chance to swap stories, talk about our days and make plans for the following day.

The second night was formal night in the formal dining room, which was fun.  I took two and a half hours to get ready for dinner, and was still Just finishing when it was time to run out the door! Luckily, our room is probably seventy five feet from the dining room, and on the same floor. So we just sauntered over when 8:30 (second dinner, the one we’re assigned to) rolled around.

In any case, on formal night they’re not messing around. The guys wear tuxedos, or nice suits. So I wore a grey floor-length clinging gown with a big cowl-neck, silver sparkling jewelry, and metallic silver heeled sandals that showed off my red toenails : ) I blow dried my hair straight with a big paddle brush, and wore it down. I took the longest time Ever painting my face with various natural and metallic colors. It was such fun : ) We were still pretty far north, which meant it was cold outside so a long sweater dress was a good idea that night. Like one continuous hug.

Dinner wasn’t fantastic that night… the salmon salad was somewhat uninspiring.  But in the middle of dinner, a young lady came to the table to take all our pictures, both as couples (three couples: mom and dad, Chris and Nico, and Gene and I) and individually in our fancy clothes (and both the younger guys were in tuxedos, looking handsome).

After dinner, we went to have formal standing pictures taken with various backgrounds and photographers. The first background was pure white, and it’s French young photographer had a Wonderful time photographing the ladies. We got the very best pictures with him. Nico, having been in front of the camera professionally, wowed us all with her various camera faces, and the French photographer didn’t want to let her go! I had to come and claim her and drag her off : ) Then we went to have our photos taken with a black background with a Chinese girl, who was not nearly as much fun (or as good!) There were several more to choose from, but we were all tired by that point, and Gene and I decided to go to bed.Image


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