Cruise January 2013 – Day 4 – Puerto Rico and Karaoke




Day 4 – Tuesday, January 29th  –  The boys go to see Puerto Rico on their own

Today I got my period, and mom threw out her back (which she just had major surgery on a couple months ago) so Chris and Nico, Gene, and Dad went to check out Puerto Rico by themselves. Gene took pictures of everywhere he went to make a little photo tour for me. He had all kinds of adventures, and visited the home (ostensibly) of the very first Pina Colada. I was crampy and a mess, couldn’t go in the pool, and wasn’t up for walking anywhere, so mom and I played Bingo, and I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed. I watched a sad movie on the flatscreen that made me cry (yesterday had been a hard day and I was all moody with hormones) and researched the rest of the ports we’d be stopping at. I spent ten minutes online checking my email, and composing the perfect Facebook post for my peeps, only to find out later that I’d shut down my connection just before it posted, erasing it completely : (

Before Gene left for shore, we sat near the windows on the port side of deck five (the deck with the Starbucks, the Ben & Jerry’s, and the duty-free shops selling diamonds and purses and rum) and watched the ship come in to the first destination of our first cruise ever- Puerto Rico : ) To mark the momentous occasion, I took Lots of videos, of the approaching shoreline, the inside of the ship, the even more gigantic cruise ship we parked next to, and a random gigantic bird and it’s mate who decided to go fishing in the bay outside the windows we were sitting next to.

After my sweetheart returned, I cleaned myself up, and we went up to deck eleven, the top of the ship, to read our books in the quiet of the Viking lounge, and watch the Caribbean sun shine on the pool deck through one-way tinted glass.

That evening after dinner, we hied ourselves to karaoke night (held in the same lounge where I had been playing bingo earlier, and where Gene and I had gone to the Catholic service on Sunday.)

For some reason, there were plenty of audience, but blessed few performers. So the host was forever asking for someone to pretty please come up and bring him a song they wanted to sing.  The books were set up by song title (the absolute WORST for me, the girl who can’t remember a song title to save her life), so I ended up just having to flip through the whole book, looking at the out-of-order artist names, hoping to find a song I recognized. I Really wanted a Sade song, but settled for Dido, and then “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder.  Bed was well-earned this night. Especially considering that as soon as the ship left port, she started rocking to beat the band, so I was crampy AND seasick. Bonus. But the Spanish guy running karaoke fell absolutely in love with me (plus- I had my own little coterie of karaoke fangirls! ) and the guy running bingo actually proposed, so that was fun.




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