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Beautiful Sunny Day to be Unclogging the Bathtub Drain

Good morning, world! Nothing can get me down today, it’s blue skies and fluffy white clouds, playful breezes and warm sunshine.

It’s a good thing, too, because now I have to put on my big yellow gloves and go unclog this bathroom drain.

I came home last night to three inches of opaque, whitish grey standing water in the shower. To be perfectly honest, both myself and my husband have very long, wavy hair, which gets everywhere, and I shed like a Pomeranian on a hot day. It had been a slow drain for a couple of days, and my sweetheart (bless his heart) not realizing that THIS would be the day the drain would totally clog, had taken his shower in the morning, dropped the slippery bar of oatmeal soap, said “meh, I’ll get it tonight when the water has drained away” and promptly left for work, leaving an entire bar of soap to dissolve in the already mildly icky water, making it totally opaque. Opalescent dirt. This is different.

So today, I made the (admittedly lovely) trek to the store to pick up draino (and groceries while I’m at it), then to a friend’s house to borrow a drain snake just in case the chemicals don’t do the trick (I Will get this drain working today by golly, because for one thing, I could really use a shower.) I’ve poured the entire bottle in, and am in the process of waiting the requisite half hour for it to work. (Going to peek now, fifteen minutes in, fingers crossed that it’s at least STARTING to work…) and YES! The water is gone! All hail the Draino fairies! And there’s a little pile of oatmeal in bar-of-soap form on the floor, where the oatmeal soap dissolved.

I am SO GLAD the chemical method worked, because otherwise, I would have been fishing with a screwdriver in opaque, gross, draino-filled water to unscrew the drain plate, so I could get a drain snake down there (hopefully without splashing myself in the eyes with draino-flavored water.)

Today is a good day. Now to put the tea kettle on to boil, so I can pour hot water down this sucker so this doesn’t happen again. At least not for a couple of months.


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