Five things you probably don’t know about me (the clean version)

Ok, five things about me you probably don’t know

1. I have an adventurous palette, and will try most anything if you put it in front of me. I especially love Pho noodle soup, tripe and all. I especially dislike strawberry anything.

2. I am a good cook but incredibly lazy. All my favorite recipes have five or less ingredients.

3. I have been all over Eastern and Western Europe, singing with my college chamber choir as a soloist, but the weirdest, most amazing vistas I ever saw were in the American Southwest.

4. I am a Buddhist, and I will tell you that the worst meditation I’ve ever done has still been Wicked helpful, (with one exception).

5. I Hate waxing, and I will tell you that meditation during waxing was ZERO help. None! Fuck waxing.


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